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Denise Beliveau is the founder and creative director of D2 Interior Design.

Denise was born in Canada and moved to Dubai in 2007. From an early age she has shown keen interest in art and design as she has fond memories of accompanying her mother while advising friends on artwork, paint colours, furniture and kitchen designs, while her Dad embraced a hobby of high-end bespoke woodworking and her brother is an accomplished artist and graphic designer along with many artists in the family. Involvement in the creative industry was only her natural progression.

Working with a mix of boutique and global studios has allowed her to contribute on a wide variety of projects giving her in-depth knowledge and an understanding of the workings of the industry. With over 15 formal years’ experience now in combined residential and commercial, she has worked on everything, from high-end villas to 5-star luxurious hotels.

Beliveau has been fortunate to work on award winning projects with some of the most well-known global design firms. As a designer, she has a strong understanding of how interiors come together, from the architecture of a space to the furniture and soft furnishings that fill it. Colour palettes, material choices and finishes are all equally important - each element is essential in creating one cohesive look that is both resolved and innovative.

With an eye for quality, a superior sense of style, and a client-centered approach to business, Denise Beliveau has proven herself as an innovative designer. She continues to be recognized for her crisp, timeless style and designs that remain fresh year after year. Her eye for detail and creating a uniquely curated experience for her clients is what sets her apart from other designers.  The vision is always clear and is reflected in the final design delivery.

Denise is a creative who believes in the power of beautiful interiors to transform daily life. 



  • Client consultation to ensure a creative, functional, and beautiful design plan options, look & feel imagery with mood boards and renders to walk clients through the spaces.

  • Selection of furniture, antiques, lighting, fixtures, finishes, fabrics, rugs, finishes and accessories.

  • Color/fabric schemes and lighting plans.

  • Space planning; i.e., maximizing the layout and proper flow of space.

  • Custom furniture, window treatments, soft goods, and cabinetry/casework design.

  • Sustainably sound, environmentally friendly and locally-made design options.

  • Collaboration with the industry’s most sought-after architects, contractors, artisans and landscape designers.

  • Budget development, refinement, and tracking.

  • Ordering, tracking, inspection and delivery of all furniture, furnishings, fabrics and accessories.

  • Coordinating schedules, installation, moving, and temperature-controlled storage.

  • Electronic proposals, documents and invoices.

  • Partnering with specialists including art consultants, professional organizers, relocation specialists and others trades that bring ease to life's little stresses.


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