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Intersect by Lexus

This meticulously curated oasis offering unrivaled cultural and culinary experiences in Tokyo, Dubai and New York, has food at its forefront. From casual yet elegant cafés on one floor to sublime, relaxed dining on another, Intersect by Lexus serves only the highest-quality food and beverages made using the finest, freshest ingredients.


The first floor, an open space of about 1850 sq. ft  features an Eatery serving ‘feel good cuisine’, that offers authentic and progressive culinary journey with a focus on pure, handcrafted dishes.  Also on the first floor is the curated Library which features English, Arabic and Japanese literature specializing in design, art, architecture, film, and travel, complementing the overall theme of the space. The beautifully curated books are shelved in six columns that also showcase select minimalistic and modern ornaments in line with the Lexus design philosophy. The first floor also hosts the Crafted for Lexus boutique showcasing a collection of handmade contemporary lifestyle items born out of a series of collaborations between traditional Japanese artisans and young designers.


The lower floor features a 500 sq. ft. garage and event space,  uniquely designed with over 150 hand-painted Lexus car parts covered with reinforced glass that periodically holds one of Lexus’ newest concept cars, giving guests the ability to understand Lexus through a never before seen artistic lens.  Leading towards the restrooms also on the lower floor is a playful feature not to be missed, a wall of miniature cars made of 1452 cars, expressing a microcosm of the automotive industry through toy cars from various generations and models.


The project of about 2350 sq. ft in total was awarded the Interior Design of the Year: Food & Beverage award in 2016 for its impressive and unique design concept containing intriguing details and materials.


The Dubai International Financial Centre-based concept is described as “neither a dealership, nor a traditional retail space”, but rather a “third space” between home and work, where guests can experience the Lexus brand without getting behind the steering wheel. Ultimately, it is a space to communicate the Lexus brand; grandeur, sophistication and solace.

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