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Residence 2 - Concept 


A clean-lined contemporary dwelling that embraces nature into its built environment by crafting unique relationships between indoor and outdoor spaces through its architecture.

Inspired by the architectural language, the interior environment reflects a well curated and elegant aesthetic. The design approach celebrates the natural elements through its tones, textures and materiality, while at the same time maintains a sophisticated and timeless feel.

Experience the grandeur of the double-height entrance lobby as you walk in through the main door of the house. The eyes travel to the central courtyard that is framed by the formal lounge and a carefully considered collection of soft furnishings, finished with elegant materials. The grand staircase reflects a refinement expressive through its clean-lined details and airy aesthetic.

Turn to the formal dining area that exudes elegance and style through careful selection of furniture and fixtures. This space is adorned by luxurious finishes of marble tabletops, bronzed glass and timber paneled walls. Sheer drapery, soft curves in the chairs and a statement pendant light create a cohesive design. 

Immediately feel a soothing luxury as you step into the formal Majlis. The interior design expresses a serious sophistication that is warm and welcoming. A combination of the deep, rich tones of stone and timber inform the formal setting, while earthy greys and elegant metallics soften the mood.

Walk along the corridor lined by the visible outdoor courtyard on one side and clean timber paneling on the other. Enter the family living areas that are designed by the informal appeal of the spaces through the light tone-on-tone colour palette on the ground floor and a soft contrasting palette on the first floor. A casual and sociable environment is enhanced with the placement of indoor planters and accents of calming greens. Relax and socialize in a cozy yet sophisticated space with family and friends.

A subtle yet sophisticated luxury is experienced in the bedrooms. Balanced light and deeper earthy greys and browns are met with cooler undertones. Elegant details adorn soft furnishings while shimmering glass and metallics express a timeless feel.

Come home to serenity and peace positioned in an urban setting.

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